Over the past few years, gray kitchen cabinets have been one of the most popular trends in kitchen design. One of the primary reasons for gray's popularity is the flexibility this color offers to work inside almost any kitchen theme - whether its modern, traditional, or transitional. The neutral tone of gray kitchen cabinets also opens up a wide array of countertop materials and colors for a beautifully matched pairing. Gray kitchen cabinets are also very popular for two-toned kitchens where they are used for kitchen islands or accent walls. With countless options for a gray kitchen design, we think this cabinet trend is here to stay.

We offer multiple gray cabinet options for you to pick from. Our two painted gray cabinet options are Shaker Gray and Shaker Light Gray, and we offer one stained maple gray cabinet option, Graystone Shaker. Stained gray kitchen cabinets will highlight the wood grain underneath, and the painted gray options will provide more of an even coloration with less wood grain showing through. Whether you go with light or dark gray hue comes down to a matter of personal preference, but typically the size of your kitchen is a determining factor. If you kitchen is on the smaller side with limited natural light, the better option is to go with a light gray option so the space feels more open, a darker color cabinet may make the room feel darker and smaller.